Lean Six Sigma NMIMS 4th Sem PGDOM Solved Assignment December 2020

Lean Six Sigma NMIMS 4th Sem PGDOM Solved Assignment December 2020

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Lean Six Sigma

Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2020 Examination

1. Several Indian companies are using Six Sigma methodology as a tool for improving their supply chain performance. Using an industry example, explain how Six Sigma deployment has helped the company in improving its supply chain performance.

2. What are process maps? Select an Indian organization, and explain how process mapping could be used for improving the efficiency levels in the organization.

(10 Marks)

3. Another train derailment, 65 dead. Everyone reacts with anger; the usual blame game, Railways announce some cash relief. The present day price for the life of a major rail accident victim is Rs 5 lakhs and a vague rail job offer to next of kin. Enquiry ordered. Matter over, rail business moves on. Unfortunately in most of the densely populated developing countries, including India, loss of human lives may not impact as much as it does in developed countries. That is why Indian Railways’ existing safety policies are never impacted by either the frequencies or enormities of rail accidents. Now the question is whether Indian Railways should make some drastic rethinking on their approach to rail safety?

Since 2002-03, the Indian Railways have focused on shoring up their revenues, adopting multiple strategies. Longer passenger trains and heavier freight trains helped cater to the increase in demand for passenger services and afford economies of scale. However, the introduction of several hundreds of new passenger trains and heavier freight trains year after year, on many of the busy routes, demands more intensified track maintenance.

Routes being heavily occupied, even nominated daily traffic blocks are curtailed. Till Dedicated Freight Corridors emerge, in several of the oversaturated routes, trains will continue to run under increasingly risky operating conditions. Vision 2020 repeats the same, familiar safety policy prescriptions, contained in tenth and eleventh 5 year Plan documents. Since most of these within the box thinking have failed to deliver, it is now time to think of railway safety, the way Richard Branson did with his Virgin Trains in the UK.

Like Branson’s Virgin Train Operating Company, we too need trains that should be able to survive accidents at full speed, regardless of cause and passengers should be able to safely walk out of coaches at accident spots. In existing bogie designs, at the time of accidents, one coach tends to ride over the other one, crushing the coach in front. Sivadasan, R. (2011, July 16). ‘We need Six Sigma trains’. Retrieved August 30, 2020, from https://www.deccanherald.com/content/176907/we-need-six-sigma-trains.html

Read different published case studies/ research papers and

a. Prepare a roadmap for Indian Railways to make all its trains a “Six Sigma Train”?

(5 Marks)

b. Explain how Indian Railways can use lean techniques for optimizing flow?

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